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She studied the violin, music theory (Conservatory of Bruges), painting (Royal Academy of Fine Arts), art history and (moral) philosophy (Gent State University).

Prizes and distinctions:


Moniek Darge has been teaching for institutions of higher education since 1984. Nowadays she teaches "audio art", "ethnic and non western visual arts (Oceania and the Far East)" and "art history: tradition versus innovation between 1900 and 1950" for the Hogeschool Gent, Department Academy of Fine Arts and "ethnomusicology" Department Conservatory of Music. She has also given guest lectures on Inuit, Maori and Mongolian music and visual arts for different cultural centres, institutes and universities.

She taught different topics as guest professor and presented lecture demonstrations, performances at the following academic institutions:

Fieldwork (recordings used for research):

Moniek Darge has the habit to realise field recordings of ethnical music and materials for soundscapes on her many trips abroad. In this way, she collected recordings in Rwanda, Kenya, New-Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, Canada (Inuit), Brasil, Indonesia. She also looks out for rare artefacts related to music, ethnical musical instruments and publications (audio recordings, written sources, scientific studies etc.) that are hard to get in Europe.

Selected writings in Dutch:

  • "De Klankschappen van Annea Lockwood, een componist uit Nieuw-Zeeland" [the soundscapes by Annea Lockwood, a composer from New-Zealand] in "An Unexpected Journey, Vrouw en kunst", Gynaika, 1996
  • "Vrouwelijke componisten" [female composers] in the magazine "Kunst en Cultuur"
  • Book "Lijf tegen Lijf" [body to body], Kritak, Leuven, 1982
  • 1977-heden: Chief editor of the "Logos-Magazine", the periodical by the Logos Foundation, Gent
  • Monthly articles "Vrouwelijke Componisten" [female composers] in "Stem der Vrouw", 1995
  • Various contributions to "Muziek en Woord", the magazine of Radio 3/KlaRa, Brussels
  • "Instrumentenbouw bij Stichting Logos" [instrument building at the Logos Foundation], in a thematic issue (277) on contemporary artisanal musical instruments building in Flanders of "Vlaanderen", Lannoo, Tielt, Oct/Nov 1999)
  • "Traditionele Maori muziek uit Nieuw-Zeeland" [traditional Maori music from New-Zealand] in "Bijdragen over Kunst en Cultuur in Oceanië" (Studies in Oceanic Art and Culture), Academia Press, Gent, 2000
  • "Kunst neemt zichzelf onder de loep. Een beknopte inleidende studie over kunstonderzoek door de kunsten zelf", 2002 (publikatie Universiteit Gent)
  • Selected writings in English:

    • "Intermedia Myths, Auto-Author" (Toronto, Art Metropole catalogue no. 12), 1986
    • Contribution to "Soundworks", Toronto, Canada
    • Contribution to "Composers Forum Magazine", New York, U.S.A., 1991
    • Contribution on the Japanese Performance Festival in the "Megalopolis Aborigines" catalogue, Tokyo-Osaka, 1992
    • Contribution to the "Jackson MacLow 70" Festschrift, New York City, 1998
    • "Soundscaping" in "Site of Sound: of Architecture & the Ear" ed. by Brandon LaBelle & Steve Roden, Errant Bodies Press, Los Angeles, Smart Art Press, Santa Monica, California, Distributed Arts Publishers, New York, U.S.A., 1999
    • "Traditional Maori music from New-Zealand" in "Studies in Oceanic Art and Culture", Accademia Press, Gent, 2000

    In German:

    • Contribution to "Festival St. Johns, Canada" in "Musiktexte", 1986, Cologne, Germany

    Dutch publications on Moniek Darge:

    • Prof.Dr. Marc Delaere: contribution on Logos in Yves Knockaert (ed.) "Nieuwe Muziek in Vlaanderen" [Contemporary music in Flanders], Stichting Het Kunstboek, 1997
    • Simonne Claeys "Het Tweede Thema, of de Verwaarloosde Geschiedenis van de Componerende Vrouw", Alamire, 2002, ISBN 90-6853-150-6. This book brings us a fascinating and well written history of women composers in the western world, starting from the middleages and up to today. Read the chapter about Moniek (Flemish)

    Audio publications:

    1. Discography
    • LOGOS DUO: Integratie, LP, Brussels, 1973
    • LOGOS DUO: For Grooves, LP, Flemish Government, Brussels, 1979
    • MONIEK DARGE: Stormfugle, audio-K7 art box, 1981
    • LOGOS DUO: Composition/Improvisation, Igloo LP 011, Brussels, 1982
    • LOGOS ENSEMBLE: Pneumafoon, Igloo 2-LP 050, Brussels, 1986
    • MONIEK DARGE: Sounds of Sacred Places, Igloo LP 056, Brussels, 1986
    • LOGOS DUO: Murphy, LP, Lisboa, 1989
    • LOGOS DUO: Logos Works, CD, Experimental Intermedia Foundation XI 117, New York City, 1995
    • MONIEK DARGE: AlviCeba, website "Technophobia" by Dooley Le Cappellaine, New York City, 1996
    • MONIEK DARGE: ShSh, on the comp. "Crayon, Festschrift for Jackson Mac Low's 75th Birthday", New York City, 1997
    • MOKA: MONIEK DARGE and KARIN DE FLEYT Cyclic, Logos Public Domain LPD001, Gent, 1998
    • MONIEK DARGE: Fantasy C/V: Aurora and Harpje, Audio Self Portrait, on the comp. "Gedda Way!!", VEC, Maastricht, 1999
    • MONIEK DARGE: Dark Waves and Sand, on the comp. "Ea", Logos Public Domain LPD003, Gent, 1999
    • MONIEK DARGE: Caete, on the compilation "S.E.M. 25 jaar, 1998-1999", Studio for Experimental Music, Antwerp, 1999
    • LOGOS DUO: Soundplay 2000, Live CD, Hiroshima, 2001
    • M&M ensemble: LPD008, Ghent, 2002
    • MONIEK DARGE: Parts for Paul, on the compilation "P-Art Project: 12 Portraits", Leuven, 2001
    • MONIEK DARGE: "M-AlViCeBa", group CD "KriKri 2002"
    • MONIEK DARGE and KRISTOF LAUWERS: "Machine Wall", on <M&M> CD, LPD 008, 2002
    • LOGOS DUO CD "2-gather" LPD 009, 2003
    • MONIEK DARGE: CD-Rom Music Boxes and Music Box Performances (ed. Nikita Chudjakow), 2004
    2. Selected radio contributions
    • "Muziek uit Rwanda" [Music from Rwanda] for Louis Wynants, Radio 3, BRT
    • "Reizende Klanken" [Travelling Sounds] for Freddy Devree ("Driespraak"), Radio 3, BRT, 1996
      • JAPAN - 2 parts
      • CHINA
      • AFRICA
      • BRASIL

    Organisation of exhibitions and intermedia concerts:

    As co-director of the Logos Foundation, she helps organising around 70 contemporary music concerts each year (since 1968). Between 1970 and 1980 she was co-organiser of at least ten mixed-media festivals, on which she also took the initiative to organise "Sonomobiel"-exhibitions (e.g. at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Museum for Contemporary Art [SMAK} in Gent), displaying sound sculptures of (inter)national artists. In 1992 she organised the first Japanese Performance Festival in Gent en since 1993 she has been organising for a period of five years an annual "International Women Festival" to stimulate contacts between Flemish female composers, performers and musicians and their international colleagues and to promote their works. In 1998 vzw. 'Gynaika' invited her to a collaboration. At the end of 1999 she has organised a live concert transmission to Palmer Station in Antarctica in collaboration with the American audio artist Douglas Quin. Today she co-ordinates the Artistic Logos Productions for the various Logos Ensembles: Logos Duo, Logos Women: BasiaMo, the Logos Ensemble and the <M&M> robot orchestra.

    Artistic production:

    Moniek Darge main activities are to be found in the fields of componisition, performance, violin playing and building music boxes. She has specialized herself in creating soundscapes and live art performances, in which a symbiosis of visual and musical aspects is generated. She is part of the famous Logos Duo with Godfried-Willem Raes for which she coordinates its activities in Belgium and abroad and which made her receive the title of 'Cultural Ambassador of Flanders' in 1997. Moniek Darge also focuses on interactional violin improvisations: in 1994, she founded the Logos Women ensemble for this purpose, a music ensemble bringing intermedia performances for voice, violin, Malian fiddle, flute and body expression. Finally, she is also active as creator of light and sound sculptures, installations and, especially, alternative music boxes, with which she performs.


    These consist out of intermedia performances, electroacoustic soundscape compositions, electroacoustic music. Materials (scores, tapes...) available at the Logos archives:
    • 1974: Creatief Spel, music game for audience: slides
    • 1976: Crowd for percussion or prepared violin with soundscape tape (traffic noise)
    • 1978: Rape music theatre, for violin, tape and vocals
    • 1980: Sand, for two percussionists with tape (electronics) and one participant in the audience (RealAudio)
    • 1980: Rain for one nude performer in a box; voice; rain tape (soundscape)
    • 1980: White for solo performer and silence
    • 1981: Dark Waves light event; tape (electronics) (RealAudio)
    • 1981: Stormfugle for two performers, voice, tape (electronics and voice), slide, film, clarinet and violin (MP3)
    • 1982: Antagonism: graphical score for clarinet and violin
    • 1982: Series 1 & 2: slides, for CasioTones (electronics)
    • 1983: Reo: large graph score in Maori language, for voice
    • 1983: Fairy Tale for vocals and tape with koala sounds & dog-growling (soundscape)
    • 1984: Kasik for voice lettrism in the Turkish language
    • 1984: Bratschebraut, theatrical solo for prepared viola
    • 1982-84: Turkish Square: slides, film and tape (soundscape)
    • 1984: Series 2 for delayed voices; slides made out of film fragments
    • 1984-85: Turkish Square 2: tape with soundscapes, voices, violin, n-dimensional oscillator system built by Godfried-Willem Raes
    • 1985: Three Sunbeams for 3 performers playing on carillon bells with contact microphones
    • 1985: Solstice Sun: tape with processed sound montage of bells and wooden scaffolding
    • 1986: Clouds for violin, slides, tape with sound of the Eurus-Pneumaphone built by Godfried-Willem Raes
    • 1986: Conceptual event #1 for Uluru
    • 1986: Conceptual event #2 for Thule and Philip Island
    • 1987: AbbeySounds installation (audio and visuals)
    • 1987: AbbeySounds 2 audio tape (soundscapes and voice)
    • 1987-88: Man-Mo 1 soundscape tape with Mali fiddle, Chinese drums, Rwandese Ingoma-drum, tamtams, gongs, guiroes, Chinese templeblocks, bell cymbals, whirlies, alto clarinet and viola (graphical score)
    • 1988-89: Man-Mo 2 soundscape tape with violin and clarinet (graphical score)
    • 1989-90: Man-Mo 3 soundscape tape with violin and clarinet (traditional notation)
    • 1989-90: AlviCeba for string ensemble (three 1. violins, two 2. violins, two violas, cello and double bass)
    • 1990-91: Man-Mo 4 soundscape tape with violin and recorder
    • 1990-91: Hashikura for solo bass singer, male choir, percussion, keyboards and double bass
    • 1991: Tohyo: performance for voice, ghetto-blaster, gong and 2 actors
    • 1992: ShSh for tape and percussion (MP3)
    • 1992: Konbanwa John (in memoriam John Cage): tape with voice and violin
    • 1993: For M.D. from M.D. for solo violin (graphical score)
    • 1995: Harp for harpsamples and performance
    • 1995-97: Caete for soundscapes, live musical objects and duo (MP3)
    • 1998: Fantasy C/V: Aurora, solo for pre-recorded and live voices (MP3)
    • 1998: Self-Portrait in Sound: Harpje (MP3)
    • 1999: Verbondenheid: soundscape composition for voices, Turkish Turtle and live musicians (MP3)
    • 2000: MusicBox: graphical improvisational score for flutes played by Karin De Fleyt, enclosed into a wooden cupboard designed by architect Bruno Poelaert
    • 2001: Parts for Paul: soundscape composition commissioned by Paul Timmermans (collective P-Art CD)
    • 2001: EtudeSolitudeSamplitude: soundscape composition for turning wheels and live violin & fiddle from Mali
    • 2001: Turning Wheel: for voice, live violin and soundscape
    • 2002: Machine Wall (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers): live performance with robots made by Godfried-Willem Raes (CD: LPD008)
    • 2002: Samu-e (Pakjes) (in collaboration with Jelle Meander): performance with tiny self assembled moving robot, live percussion and textsound
    • 2002: Toast, Nasdrovje (in collaboration with Godfried-Willem Raes, Kristof Lauwers and Bert Vandekerckhove: performance with the "dripper" automaton of Godfried-Willem Raes
    • 2002: Robot Garden (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers): violin performance with the complete robot orchestra built by Godfried-Willem Raes
    • 2003 Robot Garden: Thunderwood (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2003 Emergency Robot Kit Performance
    • 2003 Robot Garden: Percussion Robots (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2003 Mini Robot, Robbi (in collaboration with Barbara Buchowiec)
    • 2003 Jomo (in collaboration with Joanna Dudley)
    • 2003 Robot Garden: Player Piano (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2003 After Morning Phill for Bourdonola Robot
    • 2003 Bomber Handbag Performance
    • 2003 Robot Garden con 2b (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2003 Klanklagen (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2003 Robot Garden: Thunderwood and Tutti (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2003 Klanklagen 2 (in collaboration with Barbara Buchowiec and Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2003 Emergency Music Box 2 - performance
    • 2003 Klanklagen 2 (in collaboration with Barbara Buchowiec and Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2003 HaPi (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2003 PlayMobot (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2004 Playing in the Robot Garden
    • 2004 Krekelende Klavecimbel (voor Ann Faulborn)
    • 2004 Morning After Phill 2 for Piperola, Vox Humanola robots
    • 2004 Puftupi (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2004 es e = i es a = o (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2004 Havit (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2004 Three Oh (in collaboration with Barbara Buchowiec and Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2004 Bou Pi Pi (in collaboration with Kristof Lauwers)
    • 2004 MoKa Robot (in collaboration with Karin De Fleyt)
    • 2004 Trum Trom (in collaboration with Barbara Buchowiec)
    • 2004 Fast and Furious (in collaboration with Francoise Vanhecke)
    • 2004 Ake meditations: inauguration of the uncompleted Ake Robot of Godfried-Willem Raes
    • 2004 Soundscape Seabirds
    • 2004 Soundscape Cicadas
    • 2004 Soundscape Insects (for glass stones of Anja Segers)
    • 2004 Bamboo (grafical score)

    Music theatre & performances:

    In collaboration with Godfried-Willem Raes.
    • The Wall - a Logos Duo Performance
    • Attitudes - by Godfried-Willem Raes, solo performer: Moniek Darge
    • ArbeidsLust - by Godfried-Willem Raes, performed by Logos Duo
    • Sotto Voce - a Logos Duo Performance
    • Timeframes - by Godfried-Willem Raes, performed by Logos Duo
    • Hex - by Godfried-Willem Raes concert version with solo by Moniek Darge
    • Pneumafoon - by Godfried-Willem Raes, performed by the Logos Ensemble
    • Holosound - a Logos Duo Performance
    • A Book of Moves - by Godfried-Willem Raes, performed by Logos Duo and/or Logos Trio
    • Songbook - by Godfried-Willem Raes, performed by Logos Duo and/or Logos Trio
    • Talking Flames -
    • by Godfried-Willem Raes, performed by Logos Duo
    • Fidel-C
    • - by Godfried-Willem Raes, solo performer: Moniek Darge
    • Rotstuk for Rotomoton robot
    • - by Godfried-Willem Raes, solo performer: Moniek Darge
    • Ears, the inauguration of the Flex Robot
    • - by Godfried-Willem Raes, solo performer: Moniek Darge
    • Cat Paws, Kattepoten (Quadrada Study #3)
    • - by Godfried-Willem Raes, solo performer: Moniek Darge
    • Technofaustus (excerpts) by Godfried-Willem Raes, performed by M&M ensemble

    • Sonar Ranger and Radplay - by Godfried-Willem Raes, solo performer: Moniek Darge

    Happenings and events

    • Plastiek Muziekslang
    • Serpent
    • Nude Beach Happening, 1980
    • White
    • Solstice Event, 1985 (MP3)
    • Ohre
    • Singing Bicycles, in collaboration with Godfried-Willem Raes
    • Pneumaphones, idem
    • Klankboot and Toetkuip, idem
    • Le Grand Coucou, idem
    • Rooie Niki, by Godfried-Willem Raes (1998). main actor: Moniek Darge
    • Open Air Soundscape Event, by Moniek Darge with Logos Quartet (Joachim Brackx, Karin De Fleyt, Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge)(the Fiddler, Sinaai, 1999)
    • Musicbox performance, a solo work for electric violin and musicboxes
    • Improvisations for voice and violin, performed in the Chantoir of Thierry Decordier during "Over the Edge", Gent
    • Theremin, film sonorisation of Aelita, in collaboration with Laura Maes and Kristof Lauwers

    Artistic Collaborations

    Stefanos Vassiliadis (Greece), Anestis Logothetis (+) (Greece), Alison Knowles (USA), Charlie Morrow (USA), Godfried-Willem Raes (Flanders), Rui Calapez-Gomes (Portugal), Carlos Trindade (Portugal), Michael Juellich (Duitsland), David Moss (USA), Jane Henry (USA), John Zorn (USA), La Donna Smith (USA), Gyde Knebusch (Duitsland), Ann Vancoillie (Belgium), Annea Lockwood (Nieuw-Zeeland), Anna Homler (USA), Karin De Fleyt (B), Nicole Ledegen (B), Francesca Verbauwhede (B), Benn Deceuninck (B), Carla Bracke (B), Joachim Brackx (B), Tine Hofman (B), Freek Neirynck (B), Hermann Buehler (Switzerland), Bonnie Barnett (USA), Fredy Studer (Switzerland), Petra Dubach & Mario Van Horrick (Netherlands), Stefaan Smagghe (B), Jelle Meander (B), Kristof Lauwers (B), Emilie De Vlam (B), Joanna Dudley (Australia), Bert Vandekerckhove (B), Francoise Van Hecke (B), Barbara Buchowiec (Poland), Horst Rickels (Netherlands)


    • 1970-1980: Mixed Media Festivals and "Sonomobiel" exhibitions
    • ca. 1980: Firenze, Italy, Zona Art Gallery
    • ca. 1982: New-York, Atlantic Art Gallery
    • ca.1982: Gent, Belgium, Stedelijk Secundair Kunstinstituut
    • 1985: Gent, Belgium, Middenschool 3
    • 1985: Arnhem, Netherlands, De Gele Rijder
    • 1986: Banff, Canada, The Banff Art Center
    • 1986: Harelbeke, Belgium, Cultureel Centrum
    • 1987: Brussels, Belgium, V.U.B.
    • 1987: Gent, Belgium, St.Baafsabdij
    • 1988: Gent, Belgium, Royal Academy of Fine Arts
    • 1989: Brussels, Belgium, Palace for Fine Arts, Automobile
    • 1989: Ferrara, Italy, Palazzo Diamanti, Videofestival
    • 1989: Ieper, Belgium, city hall
    • 1989: Brussels, Belgium, V.U.B.
    • 1990: Tokyo, Japan, Striped House Museum
    • 1991: Tourinnes La Grosse, Wallonia
    • 1991: Locarno, Switzerland, video Art festival
    • 1992: Bonn, Germany, Beethoven Hall
    • 1992: Gent, Belgium, Industrial High School
    • 1992: Enschede, Nederland
    • 1993: Gent, Belgium, Logos Concert Hall
    • 1995: Gent, Belgium, Barbabelge, Jardin d'Artistes
    • 1997: Rumbeke, Belgium, Villa Eksternest
    • 1997: Brussels, Belgium, Elsenhof
    • 1997: St.-Amandsberg, Belgium, Begijnhof, CC De Vlier
    • 1998: St.Amandsberg, Belgium, Campo Santo
    • 1998: Gent, Belgium, Photo gallery Benn Deceuninck
    • 1999: Tongeren, Belgium, Velinx
    • 2000: Sinaai, Belgium, The Fiddler
    • 2000: Lille, France, Bibliothèque, score of ManMo
    • 2001: Tourcoing, France, Le Grand Mix, music boxes
    • 2002: Brugge2002, Galerie Art-O-Nivo, Music Boxes
    • 2002: Lille France, Trois Moulins, Watertransparanten
    • 2003: Barcelona, Spain, LEM Festival, Music Boxes
    • 2004: Den Haag, Netherlands, Adventure Festival, Korzo Theater, Music Boxes and Watertransparanten
    • 2004: Gaasbeek, Groenenberg, Belgium, Watertransparanten
    • 2004: kultuurmarkt Gent, Belgium, Watertransparanten
    • 2004: Kortrijk, Belgium, Happy New Ears, Music Boxes

    Some press excerpts (1980-1990)

    • "The exciting range of sounds, harmonies and rhythm effects startled the audience", The Morning Star, Australia
    • "Logos Duo, one of Europe's leading ensembles for avant-garde music, multi-media performance and improvisation", The Darwin Star, Australia
    • "The Logos Duo style of avant-garde, experimental music is unique", The Advertiser, Australia
    • "Innovation's the key", The Dominion, New Zealand
    • "Belgian Logos stands out among avant-garde", New York Tribune, USA
    • "The improvisations themselves showed how well the duo interact", New York Tribune, USA
    • "The duo has a rugged individualism which gives it a distinct American flavor absent from most European modernists.", New York Tribune, USA
    • "Logos Duo has been a pioneer in avant-garde music presentation", The Little Hoya, Washington D.C., USA
    • "Logos Duo is on the cutting edge of one of the most important movements in art and music since the advent of polyphonic orchestration", The Little Hoya, Washington D.C., USA
    • "Logos Duo, from Belgium, has occupied a prominent and unique place in the international music scene. Versatility and inventiveness characterize their activities in the realm of dance, avant-garde music and mixed-media performance.", D.C.Space, Washington D.C.
    • "I was intrigued with their ability to create humor and mood through sound coupled with body movement", Evening Telegram, Canada
    • "Extraordinario duo Logos, da Belgica", Cidade De Santos, Brasil
    • "Moniek e Godfried sao dois autenticos artistas. Os sons, as posturas, as mimicas se integraram num espetaculo consistente, convincente, realmente musical", Jornal Do Brasil
    • "I enjoyed the extraordinary sound effects", E.T.Halifax, Canada
    • "The instruments and their sounds are striking", Option Magazine, California, USA
    • "Within the international experimental music scene the Logos-Duo has occupied for various years a prominent and, in many ways, unique place. Versatility and commitment are, perhaps, the terms which most readily come to one's mind should one try to characterize briefly the activities of Moniek Darge and Godfried-Willem Raes", Albert Mayr, Florence, Italy
    • "The Logos Duo, a wonderfully communicative and creative pair of Belgian musicians, named Moniek Darge and Godfried-Willem Raes", Bangkok Post, Thailand

    Available MP3 and RealAudio fragments



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