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Logos is organising one of the concerts for the World Music Days in 2012. As an organisation for new music and sound art, the foundation hosts what is probably the largest robot orchestra in the world. All our are instruments are networked and can be played using a computer directly, or in combination with several interfaces.

Call for works

Because of the specific nature of our orchestra, we do not expect new compositions in this category to be complete. Details should be most certainly tweaked while working with the orchestra hands-on. For this reason, we ask for 'sketches' of a new composition. This means the most important ideas of your work must be present in the code or MIDI file you present. If chosen for performance, you should be prepared to spend a few days at Logos to complete and fine-tune your work. To prepare for the World Music Days, our concert hall, robots and technical assistant will be at your disposal during your stay. Also live interactive pieces are welcome.

Logos accepts new works for the World Music Days in the following formats:

  • MIDI - sequence: midi file format 1 expected.
  • Pure Data
  • Max/MSP: Logos doesn't own a licence. You'd have to use your own laptop.
  • GMT: The prefered way to make interactive music for the robot orchestra. GMT is the application in-house developed for operating the robot orchestra. You will have to write your code in PowerBASIC.
  • If you are very sure about what you're doing, you could write your own software. In this case Logos requires access to the source code to make sure your software is not harmful to our robots in any way.


Compositions for this call should last maximum 5 minutes . There is also a limit on what instruments you can use, because they cannot all be on stage at the same time. Permitted instruments are:

  • Homophonic winds: <So>, <Bono>, <Heli>, <Korn>, <Ob>, <Fa>, <Klar>, <So>
  • Organs: <Qt>, <Bomi>, <Krum>, <Trump>, <Bourdonola>, <Puff>, <Bomi>
  • Reeds: <Harmo>
  • Tuned Percussion: <Xy>, <Vibi>, <Belly>, <Llor>, <Vacca>, <Tubi>
  • Percussion: <Troms>, <Snar>, <Psch>, <Casta>, <Simba>, <Thunderwood>
  • Other: <Player Piano>, <Toypi>, <Sire>,<Spiro>


Technical information about our orchestra and how to write music for it can be found here (composers manual).

Sound examples of the Robots can be found on these pages: 'Lonely Robots', 'Robodies', 'Machine Orchestra', 'More Automats' and 'Automaton'

It will also help you a lot to discuss your idea in advance with our artistic manager and code expert, Kristof Lauwers. Please mail him OFTEN: