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We are constantly looking for enthusiastic dancers and performers to play and practice with our invisible instruments. Note that performances using the invisible instrument and the namuda dance technique have to be nude. Please enquire for conditions.

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Booking & Information

Organizers, please feel free to enquire about pricing information. We have a range of different formulas available, from small scale concerts with just a few of the robots, up to the entire orchestra with its 70 robots. In terms of programme content, we can offer anything from ancient music (with viola da gamba, vocal soloists, violin and recorder), to the great classics, as well as tango programmes (with and without dance couples), quartertone music and the most advanced experimental and interactive types of music including namuda dance performances.

Some examples:

  • Igor Strawinsky, Les Noces (with dancers and soprano)
  • Kurt Weill, Dreigrosschenoper (with singers, opera production)
  • RoboTango (with tango dancers)
  • Fugues (with optional dancers)
  • Ancient Music (with Marcel Ketels, recorder Xavier Verhelst, violone, and Dirk Moelants, viola da gamba)
  • Ba/Rock Music with Marcel Ketels, traverso and recorder, Ludwig Van Gijsegem, tenor and Stefaan Smagghe, violin)
  • Quartertone Music (from Alois Haba and Yvan Wysnegradski to the most recent quartertone music)
  • Conlon Nancarrow (player piano only)
  • Interactivity (with experimental dance and our entire gamut of sensor technologies)
  • Robots go Techno
  • Robotic Proms (recycled popular classics: orchestrations by Xavier Verhelst, Sebastian Bradt and Lara Vanwynsberghe)
  • Algorithms and computed musics (for the musical elite: Klarenz Barlow, Kristof Lauwers, Warren Burt, Godfried-Willem Raes)
  • Flemish Composers (Kris De Baerdemacker, Kristof Lauwers, Barbara Buchowiec, Laura Maes, Roeland Luyten, Yvan Vander Sanden, Joachim Brackx, Lukas Huisman, Thomas Smetryns, Hanne Deneire, Hans Roels, Joris De Laet, Frank Nuyts, Lara Van Wynsberghe, Jelle Proost)
  • Interbellum (music by Jakob Van Domselaer, Erik Satie, ELT Mesens, Kurt Weill, Igor Strawinsky, Arnold Schoenberg...)
  • Fluxus (Nam Yun Paik, John Cage, Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, Moniek Darge,Yoshimasa Wada...)
  • Minimal (Phill Niblock, Phillip Corner, Terry Riley, Phill Glass, Charlie Morrow, Charlemagne Palestine, La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Tom Johnson)
  • Robodies: Interactive namuda dance performances with Emilie De Vlam, Dominica Eyckmans, Zam Martino Ebale and Godfried-Willem Raes.

Please enquire by telephone: +32 922 380 89 or Mail us.


“It is not my intention to replace musicians with automata. They are just a way to get past human limits, to discover new possibilities. Humans do not get better with time, automata do.”