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We are constantly looking for enthusiastic dancers and performers to play and practice with our invisible instruments. Note that performances using the invisible instrument have to be nude. Please enquire for conditions.

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Logos houses the most experienced and innovative music ensemble in the country in terms of music and technology. Particularly over the last few decades, collaborative concert projects involving interactive robots and musicians have become a very hot focus of our activity. 40 years of experience in the use and development of all kinds of musical interfaces (wireless gesture control, real time sound analysis, microwave radar, acceleration sensors, pyrodetectors, lightsensors, myoelectric devices, brainwaves, EEG and ECG and so on), combined with the results of our experimental robot design, are bearing fruit. This has inevitably led to the formation of a professional ensemble with an international profile, specialized in performances where humans meet machines. Hence the name man and machine, M&M.

See our calendar for information about the next performance.

“My musical automata are not made to replace people, but to redeem people in their function as mediaeval craftsmen.”