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donderdag 17 december:
Logos Robotorkest
'Die Dreigroschenoper'
Kurt Weill & Bertold Brecht
dinsdag 19 januar:
Logos Robotorkest
'een nieuw jaar'
donderdag 18 februari :
Logos Robotorkest
prille lente

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Tickets: 10 euro / 6 euros reduktietarief (studenten, CJP, 65+, leden Logos Steunfonds, Klasse-kaart)

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Logos buitenhuis/ Logos concerts abroad:

woensdag 9 december:
Kristof Lauwers, AB, Bruxelles
vrijdag 11 december:
Talking Flames, Bijloke, Gent
zaterdag 12 december:
Talking Flames, Bijloke, Gent

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Logos Steunfonds 2015

Geef ons een financieel steuntje. Wil je weten hoe je ons kan helpen? Dat kan op veilige wijze via PayPal door te klikken op het geel knopje. Gewoon storten op onze postbankrekening kan natuurlijk ook. Giften vanaf 40 euro zijn fiskaal aftrekbaar.

Een blik op de Logos 'Onmogelijk' produktie:

Logos' robotorkest: 'Onmogelijk', 21-22-23.07.2015.


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Offices:Kongostraat 35, 9000 Gent
tel. +32 9 223 8089

Concert hall:Bomastraat 24-26-28, 9000 Gent, Flanders

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The founders of the Logos Foundation, Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge, have been active in new music since 1968. Logos is home to the Robot Orchestra, the largest fully automated acoustic orchestra in the world. As well as playing written compositions, the robots can interact with performers (using our gesture recognition technology) to create new music in real time. But the Foundation is far more than just the robots. We host concerts by visiting innovative artists from around the world in our specially designed Tetrahedron and present other projects such as the Pneumaphone project,the Singing Bicycles, music boxes, audio art installations, and we also have an extensive archive and documentation centre as well as a workshop for instrument building and an electronics research lab. To keep up to date with our activities, subscribe to our e-mail list for news and concert updates.