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Logos' M&M robot orchestra

Namuda: 'Black & White'


Pictures from the production on 18th, 19th and 20th of July 2012, Ghent.






Namuda: Black & White

artistic director: Godfried-Willem Raes

dancers and performers: Zam Martino Ebale, Flavio Marques, Emilie De Vlam, Dominica Eyckmans, Godfried-Willem Raes, Ousmane Gansore

composers: Kristof Lauwers, Sebastian Bradt, Godfried-Willem Raes

orchestra: the Logos M&M robotorchestra (50 robots)

playing dates: july 18th, 19th and 20th at 20h00

place: Logos Tetrahedron, Bomastraat 24-28, 9000 GENT



Pictures Logos Foundation, 12.07.2012/ 15.07.2012/ 16.07.2012/ 18.07.2012/ 19.07.2012/ 20.07.2012 by Peter Van Lancker and Godfried-Willem Raes

Collaborators in this M&M production: Godfried-Willem Raes, Emilie De Vlam, Dominica Eyckmans, Zam Martino Ebale, Flavio Marques, Osmane Gansore, Kristof Lauwers, Sebastian Bradt, Helen White, Laura Maes, Peter Van Lancker, Moniek Darge, Xavier Verhelst, Barbara Buchowiec...


  • Hogent, School of Arts
  • vzw MA
  • NyagaZam a.s.b.l.
  • Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen
  • Stad Gent
  • Vlaamse Gemeenschap

 Our CD LPD014 features recordings of our work using body interfaces and gesture control within the M&M robot ensemble.

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