Moniek Darge



AlviCeba is a 4 minutes long (or rather short...) composition for string orchestra. The work is fully written out in traditional music notation and is the only work in this genre, written by Moniek Darge. It consists of 3 contrasting movements.

The score was realised using the computerprogram 'Visual Composer'. The piece has been premiered by a live string orchestra, conducted by Paul Beelaerts, in 1990 at the Royal Music Conservatory in Ghent. The present version of the piece has been rewritten into darms-code for Note-Processor and entered in the computer by Marc Maes. From Darms-code it was converted into Midi-format. By doing so the CD version of AlviCeba (Alto violin Cello double bass) could synthetically and without any mistake be performed by computer and synthesizer.

A version for the Logos robot orchestra is available as well.

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First web-published: August 2nd -3, updated 2016-05-20