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Logos M&M robot orchestra- Picture Gallery 15:


Pictures M&M-concert july 22nd 2010, Gent.

Pictures by Peter Van Lancker:

RoboZara performance by L.R. A.. Music by Yvan Vander Sanden. Robots in the picture: Korn, So, Thunderwood. More pictures from 'Robozara'in this album by Bart Gabriel.

RoboEmi, Namuda performance by Emilie De Vlam. Music by Kristof Lauwers. This is the scene with <Vitello>. More pictures from 'RoboEmi' by Bart Gabriel.

Robo Go!, Namuda performance by Godfried-Willem Raes, who also made the robots and the gesture interfacing technology. The performance is scored for Player Piano, Qt, Korn, Autosax, Heli, Xy, Vacca, Sire, Bourdonola, Piperola, Vibi, Tubi, Troms, Snar, Simba, Thunderwood, Autosax, Ob, So. More pictures from this composition in this album by Bart Gabriel.

Robodomi, Namuda performance by Dominica Eyckmans. Interactive software composition by Godfried-Willem Raes. The performance is scored for Ob, Korn, Xy, Qt, So, Bourdonola, Piperola, Player Piano, HarmO. More pictures from this performance in this album by Bart Gabriel.

Performers in this M&M production: Emilie De Vlam (dance), L.R. A. (dance), Dominica Eyckmans (dance , viola), Kristof Lauwers (composer), Yvan Vander Sanden (composer), Sebastian Bradt (composer), Godfried-Willem Raes (dancer, director, instrument builder and composer).

 Our CD LPD014 features recordings of our work using body interfaces and gesture control within the M&M robot ensemble.

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