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This piece originated from my large scale music theatre production 'Berichten en Berechten' composed in 1972/73 on texts by the flemish author Jan Emiel Daele. In that context it was scored for a small instrumental ensemble. Later, in the early eighties, I I rewrote the piece such that it could be performed by a piano soloist. In that version it was performed by players such as Philip Mead and Yvar Mikhashoff. However, the piece is extremely difficult, not so much because of the notes, but due to the fact that every chord has to be played ff immediately followed by the same chord in pp... Thus a boucing effect was strived at.

When I build my player piano in 1995, the time came to rework the composition for automatic performance. In the version on the Logos CD (PD004), two pianos and two player piano vorsetzers were used.

The score (public domain) is available on request (email to info@logosfoundation.org)

Godfried-Willem RAES

P.S.: Voor uitvoeringen van dit stuk moeten noch mogen auteursrechten worden betaald. Elke poging tot inning van auteursrechten naar aanleiding van publieke uitvoeringen van dit stuk kan gerechterlijk als poging tot afpersing worden vervolgd.

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