Logos' Posters

The complete collection of Logos Posters from january 2017 till now.

These are suffering under the poco repression we are undergoing under the cutting of our subsidy

For the legendary series produced between 2010 and 2014 click here..

maart 2019

februari 2019

januari 2019

december 2018

oktober-november 2018

november 2018

november 2018

september 2018

augustus 2018

july 2018 - A2 size

juni 2018 - limited edition A3 size

mei 2018, nood-poster wegens geldgebrek

april 2018, nood-poster wegens geldgebrek...

maart 2018

februari 2018

januari 2018

december 2017

november 2017

oktober 2017

september 2017

augustus 2017

july 2017

june 2017


maart - mei 2017

for january and februari 2017 there was no Logos poster due to the cancellation of our structural subsidy on the advice of Piet Van Bockstal, for whom we did not organise a concert in the period 2017-2021.

historische posters

posters 2009-2010

posters 2010 to 07/2014

posters 2014-2016



Graphic designer: Peter Van Lancker

Concept and photography: Godfried-Willem Raes

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