Pneumaphone Project

Technical information for Organisers


Author & design and construction Godfried-Willem Raes, 1981 - 1987
Construction & realisation Logos Foundation, 1983 - 1988 / 2009 / 2018
Documentation & research Moniek Darge, 1983 - 1985
Description 20 soundsculptures
20 airbags
3 or 4 compressors
many tubes

Electrical connection:

For all three or four compressor together: 2.3kW, monophase, 220-240V ac. The motors have three phase convertors built in. Earth is mandatory. All metal parts are grounded although they cannot be touched by audience nor players.

Performance space:
minimum surface 200 m2
ground floor or reachable by big elevator
dry and free of dust
no poles, columns, pits, stairs, sharp objects,...
Open air performances are possible if there is no chance for rain.

Note: If the Pneumaphone project is to be operated on 110V-120V mains voltages, we have a suitable 2.5kW stepup transformer available. So operation in the USA and Canada is possible. Extra weight: 35kg. However, if the electric wiring at the venue as any of the following, we do not need the transformer and can connect directly to any voltage between 208 and 240V:


The project will only be installed if Logos personnel can be present for the entire duration for which the project is accessible by the public. The costs for the Logos personnel is included in the fee and is undividable from it. Security of the project when it is not accessible for the public is entirely up to the organiser. The organiser should be well insured. The insurance value of the Pneumaphone Project is 41.500 Euro.

Fee Base cost: 3.000 Euro
per extra day on which the project is accessible: 1000 Euro
Transport costs

48 Euro / hour for the truck driver
1,20 Euro / kilometer
train or airplane tickets for 2 Logos animators
hotel or B&B for 2 Logos animators for the duration of the project

Total weight: 842 kg



Last update: 12/13/2018