lpd008  <M&M>  

p e r f o r m e r s :

  • Man:
  • Kristof Lauwers computers
    Xavier Verhelst computers
    Thomas Smetryns lute
    Marc Maes keyboards
    Leonaar De Graeve tuba & computers
    Moniek Darge violin, voice & performance
    Barbara Buchowiec computers & viola
    Karin De Fleyt flute
    Stefaan Smagghe violin
    Lies Gellynck soprano
    Emilie De Vlam dance
    Godfried-Willem Raes director

  • Machines:

  • <Klung>
    <Vox Humanola>

    lpd008 man and machines

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    public domain

    M&M ensemble

    On this CD compositions written for the logos M&M ensemble were brought together.

    This professional group focusses on the interaction between man and machine and has its permanent residence at the Logos Foundation. The machines are all electro-mechanical robots designed and built by Godfried-Willem Raes. On a previous CD in this series (LPD007: Automaton) we have documented the individual automats and some of their capacities. On this CD several automats form an orchestra. Some of the pieces ("Paradiso" for example) are exclusively based on a composition-code, written for the computer network that controls the automats. Other pieces involve real-time interactive input from human performers. This input can be acoustic (flute, violin and tuba in "Eary Lis Trimbl") or gesture controlled. In "Machine Wall" the sonar technology transforms the performers’ movements into music played by the automats.

    The CD reflects a momentary snapshot of the ongoing efforts of the ensemble to redefine musicianship. The adventure of this process can be followed on our regularly updated website:


    Building musical robots has been an ongoing activity in the Logos Labs since its very beginning in the late sixties. It is one of the many results of our investigations to develop new tools for musical expression.

    All music on this CD is hereby put in the public domain. It can be freely distributed, even in public spaces as well as broadcasted provided the origin and the authors are always mentioned.

    Godfried-Willem Raes: Paradiso (6:34)

    1.449 kB for <Vibi>, <Player Piano>, <Piperola>, <Troms>, <Harma> and <Klung>
    interactively performed by the author

    Kris De Baerdemacker: Study #4 (05:24)

    988 kB for <player piano>, <piperola>, <vox humanola>
    performed by the author

    Godfried-Willem Raes: Hidden (C)harms (04:44)

    790 kB for soprano, lute and <Harma>
    Lies Gellynck, soprano - Thomas Smetryns, lute - Godfried-Willem Raes, computer

    Godfried-Willem Raes: Vibes for Vibi (06:31)

    1.200 kB for <Vibi>, <Harma>, <Piperola>
    interactively performed by the author

    Barbara Buchowiec: Effocarum (04:00)

    1.449 kB for <Bourdonola> and <Piperola>
    performed by the author

    Kristof Lauwers: Vibirth-h_50 (03:00)

    for <Vibi> and <Harma>
    performed by the author

    Kristof Lauwers: 4294967295 sonatas for automaton ensemble #20020223� (07:40)

    899 kB for <player piano>, <piperola>, <bourdonola>, <vox humanola>, <vibi>, <troms>
    performed by the author

    Godfried-Willem Raes: Eary Lis Trimbl (10:35)

    1.958 kB for robot orchestra, soprano, tuba, flute and electric violin
    Karin De Fleyt, flute - Leonaar De Graeve, tuba - Moniek Darge, electric violin -
    Lies Gellynck, soprano - Kristof Lauwers, computers - Godfried-Willem Raes, computers

    Kris De Baerdemacker: Zum Wohl ! (02:32)

    1.226 kB for <player piano> and audio tracks
    Kristof Lauwers, computers - Kris De Baerdemacker, computers & electronics

    Moniek Darge & Kristof Lauwers: Machinewall #1 (04:44)

    768 kB for <Harma>, <Thunderwood>, <Klung>, <Vibi>, <Troms>, <Piperola>, <Vox Humanola>,
    Moniek Darge, concept, voice & performance - Kristof Lauwers, computers

    programmed by:
    Godfried-Willem RaesKristof LauwersKris De Baerdemacker,  Barbara Buchowiec and  Xavier Verhelst.

    Godfried-Willem RaesGuy de Bi�vre  and  Leonaar De Graeve

    CD mastering:
    Guy De Bi�vre   and  Leonaar De Graeve

    cover design:
    Seppe Slabbinck