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Passieve Filters

1.- Utility for the design of Butterworth 2nd to 8th order LPF and HPF filters in T and Pi configurations using inductors

FILTERS.BAS (now translated to PowerBasic CC)

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2.- Library functions for filter calculation starting from given components


To ease the calculation of networks in the frequency domain, we wrote a library of Basic functions for the most common networks composed of resistors, capacitors and coils (inductances).

The parameters to each function are the circuit values for the components in the order as encountered when reading the network left to right.

As is, the functions return a single value for the output voltage only. It would be easy to adapt them such as to return a phase value as well. However, Basic does not allow us the design of functions returning typed variables. Hence, we would have to pass the phase angle as an empty variable (called by reference).

All internal math makes use of complex numbers and calls the COMPMATH library we designed for this purpose.

A separate module 'Filters.bas' contains easy to use DOS-based design software for Butterworth Low- and Highpass filters with 2 to 8 poles. Active filter design, using opamps is covered in chapter 2033.html

FILTMATH.BI (Include file):

FILTMATH.BAS (Source-code file)




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