<dr'eau'le de machine>

<tip tap tube>

exhibited on 06.11.2002 at the Townhall in Lille (France)


during 10 days children of lille in france, worked together with people of the logos foundation, (kurd vandevelde, bert vandekerckhove, leonaar de graeve, moniek darge and godfried-willem raes) in order to construct a huge drip drum water machine. the children called their machine "tip tap tube". godfried-willem raes made the first sketches for it and the initiative for this fun manifestation was taken by the french "kling klang" association (emmanuel vinchon, maelle grange...), who co-ordinates many activities of instrument builders all over the world. for this particular event called the "dr'eau'les de machines", 10 groups of children constructed 10 water music machines with the aid of 10 groups of artists. these 10 water music machines will all be exhibited and touring in the north of france. the children's "tip tap tube" will be on display together with godfried's "toetkuip" and moniek's "watertransparants". this at the "brasserie des 3 moulins", 49 rue d'arras a lille (59) during the weekend of 21 and 22nd of september 2002. for more detailed information, please take contact with the "kling klang" association at lille, france.