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'Dissonance is far more interesting than consonance and depending on the specific context in which both occur, dissonance can be very consonant and consonance very disturbing.'

Short Bio 

Born in Ostend on 21 november 1962.

Arne Deforce is a member of 'artistic board' and the principle cellist of the contemporary music ensemble 'Champ d'Action' and is also teaching history of music and chambermusic at the conservatory of music in Brugge. At the 'Logos Foundation'-studio his preparing his first solo c.d. project, 'Composed improvisations'. Occasionaly he also collaborates in the logos ensemble.

As a cello-soloist he is mainly concentrating on the performance of contemporary music, and aims for a permanent criticism on jamed attitudes of listening: he looks for confrontation, the opening of horizons, and scanning the borders of order and chaos. In his solo programms Arne Deforce chooses for the abstract enigmatic composition, for creation of new musical idea's rather than recreation. He wants to break off with traditional listening -and observing levels and confront the auditor with new or less-evident esthetics and sometimes other concert forms as gallery concerts with improvisations on the work or installations of fine artists, multimedia concerts with electronics and video art. With his own 'Composed Improvisations' he performed at the 'FLEA'-festival New York, 'Musique Echange' Montreal , 'November Music' Eindhoven, 'Octobre en Normandie' Rouen, 'Toho University' of Tokyo and 'Ars Musica', Brussels. As a performer he recently worked together with the Brittish composer Richard Barrett, the Austrian composer Karlheinz Essl, the Australian Elision Ensemble as well as with dutch composer Dick Raaijmakers.

"philosophy, painting, poetry and paradox./ music as a gamework of the homo estheticus, usefull consumption or onfolding of veracity without use./ the creative act: intentional en with great accuracy kicking next to the target (goal), betraying oneself and suddenly with imperative mood (manner) leaving every form of traditional structure and semantics for new and different creativity./ searching in the 'inbetween-ness' of order and chaos: zone./ jamed attitudes of listening against new sounds./ there is no choise, unless art: predicting the unpredictable and being surprised when it happens, predicting the predictable an being surprised when it doesn't./ escaping is allowed."

He first became involved in music at the age of seventeen and studied music analysis, history of music, harmony and guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels (1980-1985). He then studied violoncello and chambermusic at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Ghent (Andre Messens, Edmond Carlier & France Springuel) and graduated in 1994 with distinction on the performance of contemporary music with both a 'Hoger diploma' for cello and a 'Hoger diploma' of chambermusic. As a final project in the conservatory of Ghent he was selected for the production of a first CD of the famous electric string quartet 'Black Angels' of the American composer George Crumb.

Adress : Arne Deforce Begijnhoflaan 448, B - 9000 Gent [Belgium] Tel./fax : 32/9/329.61.72 email: <>

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Repertoire (selected works)

Aperghis, George 4 Recitation 1980  
Barrett, Richard Ne songe plus a fuir 1986
Von hinter dem Schmerz 1992-96
Berio, Luciano Les Mots sont alles 1979  
Cage, John Etudes Boreales 1978  
Dusapin, P. Incisa 1982
Item 1985


Feldman, Morton Durations 2 1960  
Finnissey, Michael Andimironnai 1982  
Halffter, Cristobal Variationen uber Sacher 1976  
Harvey, Jonathan Curve with Plateau 1982
Three Sketches 1989
Henze, Hans Werner Serenade 1949  
Hespos, Hans Joachim fur cello solo 1964  
Holliger, Heinz Chaconne (Sacher) 1976  
Huber, Klaus Transpositio ad infinitum (Sacher) 1976  
Hubler K.K. Opus Breve 1987  
Kagel, Mauricio Unguis incarnatus est 1972  
Kaipainen, J. Trois morceaux de l'aube op.15  
Lachenmann Helmuth Pression 1969 notes
Monet, M. Chant 1984  
Penderecky, Krzystof Capriccio per S. Palm 1968  
Raes, Godfried-Willem CelloPi, 1999 (with electronics) , 1999  
Rihm, Wolfgang Grat 1970
von weit 1993
Saariaho, Kaaia Petals
Sciarrino, Salvatore Al limiti della note 1979  
Tenney, James Cellogram  
Webern, Anton Drei kleine Stucke op.11 1914  
Xenakis, Iannis Nomos Alpha 1965
Paille in the wind
LaMonte Young Composition 1960 #7  
Zimmermann Bernd Alois Vier kurze Studien 1970
Intercomunicazione 1967
Yun, Isang Nore 1964  
Barrett, Richard Unter Wasser
Brewaeys, Luc Oban
Carter, Eliot A mirror on which to dwell
Con leggerezza pensosa
Chagass, P. Un invible Laberinto de Tiempo
Del Puerto, D. Concierto pour marimba et 15 instruments
Donatoni, Franco Ultima Sera
De Pres
Etwas ruhiger im Ausdruck
Esll, Karlheinz Champ d'Action
Goeyvaerts, Karel Das Haar
opus 2,3,6
Litanie 4
Harada, K. After the summer
Lehman, Heinz Ulrich. De Profundis
Logghe, Geert Time before and time after
Murail, Tristan Treize Couleurs
Nancarrow, Conlon Studies 3A, 7
Neuwirth, Olga. Hooloomooloo
Oliveira, J.P. String quartet (Peregrinacao)
Pagh-Paan, Y. SOWON/Wunsch I
Raes, Godfried-Willem
Wuhan - Ong / Hu
Fuga Ango Laina
Reich, Steve Eight Lines
Saariaho, Kaaia Lichtbogen
Sah den Vogeln
Scelsi, Giacinto Trio a cordes
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Microphonie 1
Tenney, James Spectrum 5
Versockt, Serge Feuillage du coeur


Xenakis, Iannis Epicycles

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