Bernd Alois Zimmermann 1918-1970
Intercommunicazione 1967 (22')
for cello and piano


                        music as medIum to express the subject of the
                           'conditioN humaine'
                          an existenTial search for
                 communication and vEracity
                          only 'inteRcommunicazione' is pleonastic
                         inter- and Com- are identical
              what remains is negatiOn, impossibility
                             non-comMunication between two instruments
              and by extention, incoMpatibility for their players
                   so not a sonata bUt
                  a dramatic antiphoN
              music unfolds itself lIke the alap of Indain raga
  slowly - time expands, a sream of Consciousness
                                appeArs through long stretched
                               time-Zones, continuums / the cello
 scanded chords, campanellas / the pIano
                      distant and viOlent - the listener can find himself
         in the contraction and expaNsion of time-sound...
    some tragedy of listening in timE-past, time-present and time-future

Arne Deforce, 23.02.2000

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