Helmut Lachenmann 1935
Pression 1968 (7')
fur einen Cellisten

                        after im- and ex- tHere is Pression
                           -Extreme tension on
             the instrumentaL corpus and perhaps
                       even More on the habits of listening
           radical anti-virtUoso
instrumental 'musique concreTe'

      actions and handlings Lead into
                  a choreogrAphy of
             woven into the Hidden in-between-ness of
                        'silEnce'... distortion eruption sound
   continuous rustling or puNctual soundscapes
                       meta-Morph processes describing
         that 'other' cello-Anatomy
                 while listeNing to the
                  poetry of Noise

Arne Deforce, 2000

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