Logos goes Antarctica

Live concert on 18.I.00 at 16.45 local time in Logos
broadcasted in real-time in Palmer station, Antarctica


Thanks to the hard work of Moniek Darge and Douglas Quin, Logos will perform live on january 18th through the sound system of Palmer Station on Antarctica. The concert will off course take place in Ghent, in our Logos Tetrahedron, but will be relayed in real-time through a sattelite connection to the Fifth Continent.

Palmer Station, where Douglas Quin is doing wonderful work recording nature sounds (check his website for breathtaking pictures and his diary: http://www.antarctica2000.net/frameset.html), has an emergency sound system that is usualy used for distress calls from ships. That sound system will be the voice of Logos on Antarctica that day, as researchers will be able to hear us play throughout the Station.

This is not the first time that Douglas Quin collaborates with Logos. On two occasions last month, Moniek Darge contacted Douglas through sattelite phone to do a live interview for the Belgian radiochannel Radio3. And as a part of Moniek's ongoing project Douglas put a part of the Soundscape piece
"Verbondenheid" on Palmer Station's server, so that the researchers can download it.

Interactive art is crossing borders, and distance...

For people interested in attending this very special event:

Tuesday January 18th at 16.45 local time
Logos Tetrahedron, bomastraat 26, 9000 Gent

Logos goes Antarctica

please contact us.

tel.: 09 223 80 89
fax.: 09 225 04 34

Balloon picture taken from above Palmer Station in November 1999

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