Info and contact

Offices: Kongostraat 35, 9000 Gent, Flanders

Concert hall: Bomastraat 24-26-28, 9000 Gent, Flanders

tel. +32 9 223 8089

e-mail us:

Bank account:
IBAN: BE98 0000 4890 7093


How to visit Logos
The Logos Tetrahedron is at 1km from the Ghent Dampoort train station. There is also bicycle storage in front of the concert hall. The nearest bus stop is at Stapelplein, other possibilities are Sleepstraat or Steendam. Visit for more info on public transportation.

Groups visiting by bus below 9m of length, can park in front of the gates. Longer busses can park at Ghent Dampoort. There are also parking spaces for cars in the street. The easiest way to drive to Logos is to take Dampoortstraat - Ham - Kongostraat, or: Sleepstraat - Godshuishammeke - Bomastraat. However, visiting Ghent by car is not recommended.