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Over the last 20 years, Logos from Ghent has become an authority on experimental instrument building. Godfried-Willem Raes does not just build new instruments: he has also converted existing ones (such as a tuba, oboe and various organs and percussion instruments) into extremely precise robots. His robot orchestra already has 42 instruments and is growing steadily. It is capable of playing highly diverse and complex music, from baroque and tango to contemporary experimental pieces.

So it is not such a strange choice after all for the British producer Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) to order a new instrument from Logos in Flanders. Aphex Twin is described as one of the most influential figures in contemporary electronic dance music(IDM) and is known in particular for the enormous complexity of his music. This makes his work almost impossible to perform on ‘real’ instruments, given human limitations.

But thanks to its unique expertise in this field, Logos has been able to come up with a solution. Godfried-Willem Raes is working on a new instrument which, as ever, sounds completely acoustic, but is played using particularly accurate electronic connections. The construction project’s code name, for the time being at least, is , which stands for 'Hit anything.' The details are still top secret, but one thing is certain: sooner or later the fans will be able to hear this new Logos instrument in concerts or recording by Aphex Twin. (English translation by Helen White)

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